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Spiktel Analyticstracking

White Paper

1. Security Facilities with IP Technology

Camera monitoring is a fundamental element in every business; whether they are for inventory scanning, employee safety, loss anticipation or general security. In the past cameras used analog signals transmitted on a coax communications. With advancements in image quality, scalability, organization features and costs, an increasing number of camera manufactures…


2. Industrial Ethernet Network

The control and management of a Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) is a complex task that requires constant supervision. The typical geography of a WWTP covering hundreds of acres is not uncommon making networking these plants a large and robust task.


3. Cover long distance with Optical Fiber series with Spiktel devices

Serial devices continue to be used around the world as a vital component of many industries’ applications, such as, process control capacity, production tracking, and data collection. As a matter of fact, the Serial RS-232/422/485 technology is still a major option solution for Device Manufacturers to build in their current or future product design


4. Network configuration Tools: Largest scale of Green Deployments

With climate change concerns, high lubricate prices, and larger power consumption around the world, the rising demand for renewable energy sources has increased significantly. As solar applications expand, and multiple solar panel and dish fields become more common, the need for an efficient network configuration and sophisticated management is critical.