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Technology Used Primarily for Next Generation Network/FTTH:


With the progress in the Technology, larger bandwidths are required with the increasing complexities. Corporate Units, homes offices, ATM has forced FSAN group to look for better technologies. FSAN initiated the Gigabite Passive Optical Network(GPON) Standardization work in the Year 2001, for designing networks offering high data transmission with a transmission capacity as high as 1Gbps.. Another specialized feature of GPON is that it offers coverage data and voice service upto 2.5 Gbps, and so gives a big advantage over the other available schemes.


Ethernet equipment vendors formed Ethernet in the First Mile Alliance (EFMA) to work on a architecture for FTTH as Ethernet is a dominant protocol in Local Area Network. EPON based FTTH was adopted by IEEE standard IEEE802.3ah in September 2004. Adopting Ethernet technology in the access network would make uniform protocol at the customer end simplifying the network management. Single protocol in Local Area Network, Access Network and Backbone network enables easy rollout of FTTH.

EPON standards networking community renamed the term ‘last mile’ to ‘first mile’ to symbolize its importance and significance access part of the network. EFM introduced the concept of Ethernet Passive Optical Networks (EPONs), in which a point to multipoint (P2MP) network topology is implemented with passive optical splitters.

EPON, is largely vendor-driven standard and it is fundamentally similar to ATM-PON but transports Ethernet frames/packets instead of ATM cells. It specified minimum standardization and product differentiation, also it has decided not to standardize the Bandwidth allocation algorithm (DBA), TDM and ATM support, Security, Authentication, WDM Overlay Plan, support for Analog Video Protection, Diagnostics, Monitoring,, Compliance with existing OSS leaving these to the vendors to choose the best.