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FTTH (Fiber To The Home)

FTTH relates to the service of extending Fibers to homes and offices. The FTTH technology is inclined towards bringing high speed internet, digital television and telephone service to both homes and offices through optic cables. The FTTH Services are based on a broadband telecommunication system, which enables users to received internet, telephony and Internet-TV services at an astonishingly high speed. Where conventional DSL connections offer a moderate speed, FTTH delivers speed even upto 1Gbps (Gigabites per Second), which is almost two hundred times faster than the conventional DSL connections.

FTTH is relatively a newer technology based on broad-band transmission. The broad-band transmission offers a higher bandwidth to Customers to receive undisturbed and uninterrupted internet, telephony and Television services.

Fiber to the Home is relatively new and fast growing method of providing very higher bandwidth to consumers and also for businesses, and thereby enabling more robust any kind of services. But the FTTH systems can also cost considerably more than DSL or existing cable services as they will be requiring the installation of an entirely new set of connections for home users.