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  • Spiktel is a name synonymous with the Telecom Infrastructure industry, was established with a vision to obtain ultimate perfection and quality in network construction and manufacturing and trading of Electronics and Telecommunication products. Spiktel is growing its expertise to develop products for next generation networks which will provide ease for various applications like voice-over-IP (VoIP), video streaming (IPTV, video calls, etc.), peer-to-peer applications, etc. Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH). Spiktel has one stop solution for these projects and successfully developed the entire Passive as well as active product solutions.

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Forward-looking is a key component of the Spiktel culture and one of our core values. Our engineers continually research & develop the latest in optical fiber technology to provide the best solutions for the industry and our customers. We provide our research papers to solve your questions as soon as possible or you will send your queries to our help desk…..
- Lee Robertson

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Sep 17 - 18'2013 Nigeria Com
Eko Hotel & Suite, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
Oct 28 - 29'2013 Tavess
2nd Annual Telecoms Fraud & Revenue Assurance Forum Dubai, UAE
Nov 25 - 26'2013 2nd Annual Telecoms Fraud & Revenue Assurance Forum Dubai,UAE
December 9 - 11'2013 Carrier Network Virtualization 2013
California, USA, Americas
March 12-14' 2014 Cable Congress 2014
Amsterdam, Netherlands, Europe
June 3 - 4'2014 Digital Services World Congress 2014
London, UK, Europe
9 September 2014 SIMposium USA 2014
Las Vegas, USA, Americas

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